This is the website for Planners’ Network UK (PNUK), a network that aims to promote progressive alternatives for planning in the UK. We hope this site will be used to share news, ideas and debate.

Planners Network UK (pnuk) is a loose collective of practitioners, students, academics and activists that wants to develop and support critical thinking about the current state of planning in the UK.

Our aim is to bring together all of those concerned about the current climate of debate.

The idea for the network was born at at a meeting in Oxford in 2006, taking a lead from the already successful Planners Network based in North America. As of 2015 We have a mailing list with more than 180 subscribers.

We are involved in organising debates and events and have produced some written resources. You can see some of these on our manifesto and archive pages (taken from our old site that was active until 2015).

We would welcome the involvement of any group or individual interested in offering support, organising events or contributing ideas to this site.

The best way of keeping in touch with what’s going on is to join our mailing list. You can sign up by visiting Alternatively, please contact Andy Inch (

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  1. bline2015

    I wondered if you had any plans or intentions to link with Neighbourhood Planning groups, forums and websites at all? Many could do with alternative sources of help and advice.


  2. I know that some pnuk members and supporters have been involved in supporting neighbourhood planning groups in various places and might be able/ willing to provide some advice etc if asked.

    Unfortunately I don’t think the network itself has the capacity to offer too much though…for the moment at least.


  3. Ed

    Some PNUK members are active users of (and contributors to) this crowd-sourced bibliography on Neighbourhood Planning and related topics. Do join in and spread the word, bline (from Michael Edwards)


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